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Promises from God for Women Box of Blessings

Promises from God for Women Box of Blessings

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Start your day on a positive note when you read a card from the Promises From God For Women Box of Blessings, then spend the day meditating on these truths from Scripture, and if the opportunity presents itself, share a card with a friend or a stranger.


The light teal background of the Box of Blessings is decorated with cute pink flowers and gold foiled swirls. The title is printed in gold ink.


Promises From God For Women

101 blessings to brighten your day and uplift your soul

The Scripture truths on the 50 double-sided cards will add to your trove of blessings as you work your way through the box. The cards alternate between two pink designs on the front and two blue designs on the back. The front of each card features an encouraging and inspirational saying, while the back features select Scripture verses.

Themes covered by the cards include personal worth, love, blessing, hope, strength, surrender, thanksgiving, protection, and much more.


The great comfort from this small Box of Blessings will bolster your faith and your sense of worth, and it is small enough to fit in a purse, pocket, or car console—always near to inspire and uplift.


The Promises From God For Women Box of Blessings is the perfect gift to encourage a dear friend or loved one and assure her of the love Good has for her. For a gentle and thoughtful teacher appreciation or birthday gift, pair the Promises From God For Women Box of Blessingswith a water bottle or devotional.


  • Blue and pink floral design 
  • 50 Bible verses 
  • 50 double-sided cards 
  • Packaged in sturdy lidded box
  • Full-color print on cards and box 
  • Each box shrinkwrapped 
  • Card size: 3.39" x 2.24" (86 x 57mm) 
  • Box size: 3.82" x 2.6 x 1.1" (97 x 67 x 28mm)
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