Our Story

How Make It Special 316 came to be...
In May of 2023, we found out my husband's cancer was back. As it turns out, it had metastasized throughout his body. After outliving his prognosis twice, we knew we had no time to waste. We immediately asked our family, friends, and church family to pray. We went to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX to begin all the testing, scans, etc to determine the best course of action.
It was discovered that his cancer was advanced, stage 4, incurable... so we began aggressive treatment that very day with hopes and prayers to extend his life. During this time, we have experienced the love of Christ like never before through the love, encouragement and support of God's children. Through every emotion, both good and bad... we have felt the most amazing peace and love.
We also have truly learned to cherish every moment. Every day is a gift from God. So, during this journey, we have slowed down to focus on keeping our priorities in order. We are choosing to live a life of gratitude AND... to cherish each moment...because IT IS A GIFT.
Speaking of "gifts"...this sparked a new interest in starting a business. A Gift Business. Many years ago we had a brick and mortar retail gift shop. But now, we opted to go online as this would allow us the opportunity to offer our special gifts to a larger area.
Gifts are wonderful and do make people feel special, but the absolute greatest gift of all is God's gift to us... (John 3:16).
"Every day is a gift, so Make It Special" ~John 3:16