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Promises for Every Day Gift Book

Promises for Every Day Gift Book

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Promises for Every Day Gift Book

When you seek comfort and encouragement for your situation, the Promises for Every Day Gift Book will remind you of the just the right promises from God's Word and spiritual leaders that have gone before you. A collection of Scripture verses and quotes, organized by theme, is curated as a reminder of the promises our faithful God has made to those who trust in him.

A beautiful mint green butterfly accented with copper tones graces the gift book's sturdy, heavy cardstock cover. Gold-foiled berries and twigs are found in the foliage surrounding the butterfly, and UV spot varnishing adds visual dimension and tactile interest to the cover. The title is printed in green and accented with gold-foiled lettering.

Promises For Every Day

The very first page is a presentation page you can complete when giving this little gift book as a gift, or you can adapt it to mark this book as your own. Next, a table of contents lists 40 themes that make it easy to find biblical promises and quotes from spiritual leaders to apply to your situation. Some topics include anger, death, enemies, failure, grace, hate, jealousy, loneliness, obedience, peace, salvation, temptation, wisdom, and many more. You are sure to find a promise that you can apply to your life.

The Promises For Every Day Gift Book is part of a range of small inspirational books called Words of Hope. This range includes Proverbs For Your Daily Path, Prayers to Bless Your Heart, and Psalms For Joyful Living.

Reach for the Promises for Every Day Gift Book when you need to be reminded of the promises made in Scripture or when you need to glean wisdom from spiritual leaders who have devoted their lives to studying the Scriptures.

  • Green butterfly design
  • Words of Hope Range
  • Green and gold-foiled title
  • Gold-foiled accents
  • UV spot varnishing
  • One-color printed interior
  • 127 pages
  • 40 themes
  • Size: 5.9" x 4" x 0.3" (150 x 102 x 7 mm)
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