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God's Got This Faux Leather Devotional

God's Got This Faux Leather Devotional

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God's Got This Faux Leather Devotional


God is in control—always. The world is hurting, and people are living in fear. We want to feel the comfort of God’s arms wrapped around us, but with so much uncertainty, how do we trust in Him?

Heidi Baker interviewed forty courageous believers, asking them what challenges they have overcome with God’s help. Inspired by their resilience, trust, tenacity, and joy, Heidi recounts the extraordinary true stories of men and women who fixed their eyes on Jesus and never gave up in God’s Got This.

Heidi vulnerably shares some of her deepest fears and most difficult experiences, revealing how she, too, learned to overcome life’s trials through faith in God and trust in His Word. Let this collection of powerful stories move you and remind you that no matter what storms you may face, God’s got this.

(Faux leather; 176 pages; ribbon marker; author: Heidi Baker)

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