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11" Stuffed Standing Kangaroo

11" Stuffed Standing Kangaroo

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11" Stuffed Standing Kangaroo

From a realistic design and distinctive facial markings, this plush Kangaroo is simply irresistible! This stuffed Kangaroo is huggable, hand-washable, soft, shed-free and made from high quality acrylic, polyester and stitching to ensure added safety! 

* DIMENSIONS: Measuring at 11 inches, our adorable Kangaroo stuffed animals are comfortable and soft to the touch! The perfect size for at home and take on the go play!

* MULTI-PURPOSE: Expand your child's interest in wildlife studies and animal care. Our animal plush makes for an adorable companionship for any child! 

* MIX & MATCH: Our plush collection can be combined with animals of all sorts to create the ultimate collection!


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